Aptamil Lactose Free


Brand Aptamil    Type Lactose Free

Age From birth     Weight Range 400gms


Aptamil Lactose Free From Birth
For the dietary management of lactose intolerance.Aptamil Lactose Free is specially formulated to help manage the symptoms of lactose or sucrose intolerance in babies.Suitable from birth and as part of a weaning diet from 6 months to 1 year.

Lactose Intolerance
Some babies may suffer from diarrhoea, bloating or wind which can be a sign of temporary lactose intolerance.Lactose intolerance and cows’ milk protein allergy (CMPA) are often confused due to some similar symptoms. However CMPA is an adverse immune reaction to one or more milk proteins in cows’ milk whereas lactose intolerance is the absence or deficiency in the enzyme, lactase, in the gut and does not involve the immune system.

How it works
Aptamil Lactose Free helps your baby recover from symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating or wind caused by secondary lactose intolerance.
As well as being free from lactose, this special milk is also sucrose free to help manage the symptoms of lactose or sucrose intolerance.

If you are concerned that your baby is lactose intolerant speak to your healthcare professional.

Allergy Advice: For allergens see highlighted ingredients

Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Single Cell Oil), Caseinate (from Milk), Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Fish Oil, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), L-Cysteine Hydrochloride, Choline Chloride, Vitamin C, Taurine, L-Tryptophan, Inositol, Iron Sulphate, Vitamin E, Zinc Sulphate, Uridine 5′-Monophosphate Sodium Salt, Cytidine 5-Monophosphate, L-Carnitine, Adenosine 5′ Monophosphate, Inosine 5’Monophosphate Sodium Salt, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Guanosine 5′ Monophosphate Sodium Salt, Biotin, Vitamin A, Copper Sulphate, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Manganese Sulphate, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin K1, Sodium Selenite

Store in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.Use powder within 4 weeks of opening.

Important notice
Aptamil Lactose Free is a food for special medical purposes. It should only be used under medical supervision, after full consideration of the feeding options available including breastfeeding. Suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants from birth and as part of a balanced diet from 6-12 months. For enteral use only,Not suitable for parenteral use.
This formula is not suitable for infants who have a cows’ milk allergy.
For hygiene reasons, do not store made up feeds. Make up each feed as required and always discard unfinished feeds after 2 hours.
Do not heat in a microwave, hot spots may occur and cause scalding.
Never add extra scoops or anything else to your baby’s feed.
Never leave your baby alone whilst feeding.
Do not allow prolonged or frequent contact of feeds with your baby’s teeth as this increases the risk of tooth decay.